Potluck Disasters – How To Avoid A Culinary Catastrophe

When you are invited to a potluck dinner, do you feel the pressure to get it perfect? Sure, you want to provide a delicious dish, but somewhere between a culinary masterpiece and a disaster lies a dish you can be proud of.

Let’s take a look at some issues that could create a less than perfect, or even presentable, potluck table, and what you can do to prevent it from happening.
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Easy Italian Cooking For Busy Families

SpagettiIn today’s busy world it’s getting more difficult for families to find the time to sit down at the dinner table together. There’s homework to do, deadlines to meet, and very little time to breathe let alone cook a big meal. Italian cuisine may be intimidating because some of the meals look very time consuming. But, don’t despair. There are ways to fit even Italian cooking into your schedule. Although there is no way to add any extra hours to the day, there are ways to take the stress out of cooking a big meal. Let’s take a look at ideas to make the preparation quick and easy for families on the go.
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Red Chiles Versus Green Chiles


If you have ever traveled to New Mexico, you will see that the style of cooking is dominated by the use of red and green chiles. In fact, the standard question in any kitchen in New Mexico is “red or green?” Your preference will really depend on how hot you want your food and what type of dish you are preparing or eating. What are the main differences between these two staples of southwest cuisine, and how are they used to create a culinary work of art? Let’s take a look.
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Fun Frugal Food To Please Every Appetite

Cooking for the Holidays on the CheapIf you have ever hosted a holiday party, you know how difficult it can be to please everyone on your list. There are so many different expectations, likes and dislikes, that it can almost seem impossible to plan for all your guests’ preferences. But this can be done and your budget doesn’t have to suffer. Let’s take a look at a few ideas for providing your guests with the foods they love while staying within your budget.
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From Farm To Table – A Guide To Becoming A Locavore

The ‘buy local, eat local’ craze is sweeping the nation. Eating local is a great idea, but where do you start? How do you become a locavore? And what benefits does it give to you and your surrounding environment? These are all great questions and, surprisingly, the answers are fairly straight forward. Let’s get things straight and get on with eating local and becoming an honest to goodness locavore.

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Revel In The Zest Of Citrus

ZestZest is a funny word. We can use it in many ways. Is zest a noun or a verb? Let’s take a look at the essence of zest, what it can provide in the kitchen, and some techniques for gathering this tricky little super-flavor.

What Zest Provides

The outermost rind of citrus is where you find zest for cooking. It is valued for the intense, fresh, and brightening flavor it imparts to food. That is thanks to an abundance of aromatic oils in the rind.

However, there is a sub-rind, also known as the pith, which is white in color and directly under the rind. This pith is very bitter and not desirable at all when it comes to cooking. The pith serves only one purpose; to help protect the fruit from predators.

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Ordinary Dishes Into Gourmet Meals With One Simple Ingredient

CinnamonSometimes all it takes is one simple ingredient to turn your everyday recipes into a gourmet meal. There are literally hundreds of single ingredients which, when added to your dish, will transform the entire flavor profile of the food.

You may recognize these ingredients, but when used in new ways, they become something totally different. Very simple spices like rosemary added to your baked chicken and potatoes or ingredients like prosciutto on your Hawaiian pizza, will change things up quite a bit. I can think of three extremely versatile ingredients to jazz up almost any dish you can make. Let’s take a quick look at these simple ingredients:

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Cooking Gourmet Meals on a Budget

Gorumet ChickenCooking gourmet can mean as many different things as there are ingredients in the grocery store. So, before you actually begin cooking gourmet meals on your budget, you have to define what it means to you. Take a look at the following general definitions of what gourmet dining means to different people:

Appearance – If you define gourmet as the way a dish appears, you can learn a few techniques for creating new and exciting presentations of your meals without spending a lot of money.

New – If your definition of gourmet means trying something new, there are hundreds of different foods that you can give a try without worrying about your budget.

Exotic – If your definition of gourmet food relates to exotic tastes, you’ll need to find creative ways to find these exciting new flavors without breaking the grocery budget.

Now let’s look at a few helpful tips to find ways to introduce gourmet ingredients and style to your meals, while keeping your budget in mind:
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