Gluten Free Diet For Weight Loss? Here’s The Real Skinny

DCF 1.0If you’ve been anywhere near a television, magazine, or blog, you have probably heard about celebrities who are on a ‘gluten-free’ diet to lose weight. You may even know someone who has “cut out the gluten” to lose weight. Perhaps you have even seen some positive results.

Going on a gluten-free diet CAN help you lose weight and may even give you a boost in your energy levels. Does that mean we should all run out and stock up on all those great gluten-free products at the grocery store? As tempting as it is to do, the answer is NO. Let’s look at some simple facts and misconceptions about the gluten-free diet.
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What Is Gluten And Where Is It Found

Bread and GlutenThere are some words that enter our vernacular rather suddenly without much in the way of a formal introduction. The word ‘gluten’ is one such word. If you discuss eating, cooking, or diets at all, you have probably heard the word. You may have heard about people who have to avoid gluten. Perhaps you or someone you know has to follow a ‘gluten-free’ diet.

In this article, we will discuss the basics about gluten – what it is and where it is found.
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