Gluten Free Diet For Weight Loss? Here’s The Real Skinny

DCF 1.0If you’ve been anywhere near a television, magazine, or blog, you have probably heard about celebrities who are on a ‘gluten-free’ diet to lose weight. You may even know someone who has “cut out the gluten” to lose weight. Perhaps you have even seen some positive results.

Going on a gluten-free diet CAN help you lose weight and may even give you a boost in your energy levels. Does that mean we should all run out and stock up on all those great gluten-free products at the grocery store? As tempting as it is to do, the answer is NO. Let’s look at some simple facts and misconceptions about the gluten-free diet.
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From Farm To Table – A Guide To Becoming A Locavore

The ‘buy local, eat local’ craze is sweeping the nation. Eating local is a great idea, but where do you start? How do you become a locavore? And what benefits does it give to you and your surrounding environment? These are all great questions and, surprisingly, the answers are fairly straight forward. Let’s get things straight and get on with eating local and becoming an honest to goodness locavore.

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Everything Apple

Everything apple

I wanted to focus on one of my favorite fruits the apple. My personal favorite is the red delicious. So crisp and sweet….I’m starting to get hungry. Anyways, I wanted to talk about some of the products we have out for those apple lovers like myself.

The first one being the Progressive Wedge and Pop apple wedger. This is a nice little apple slicer because once you have sliced the apple you can flip it over put the top on it then pop it out. I know when I’m slicing an apple I always hated that you couldn’t cut it all the way through. It always had the skin on the bottom that prevent the complete cut. Progressive makes some wonderful gadgets and this is one of my favorites.

We also have the Norpro apple mate 1 apple corer / peeler. This Norpro apple peeler would be recommended to the canner or the pie baker. This wouldn’t be for your every day use. This product can also do potatoes.

Keep checking back soon because as the fall rolls around we will be adding more and more apple related products.

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The Salmon Solution – A Super Food With All The Right Stuff

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk over the years about salmon being one of the healthiest fish to eat. You may have even added salmon to your diet. But, do you know why? Let’s shed some light on why salmon is a super food and what specific benefits salmon has to offer as a part of your regular diet.

Meet the Super Fish

The mighty salmon is probably one of the most widely studied fish we know. These studies often involve sustainability and contaminants comparing farmed salmon with wild caught salmon. Farmed salmon represents a large majority of available fish in the U.S. However, these farmed salmon have been treated with antibiotics, have more fat content, and have less beneficial omega 3. For these reasons alone, wild salmon is a much healthier choice for regular consumption.

Salmon is categorized as a ‘fatty’ fish, but don’t let that scare or confuse you. The fat that is referred to is where we find the most powerful super food imaginable – omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential nutrient elements that contribute to your body’s healthy functioning, beginning right at the top with the brain, and continuing throughout the body. And, you can get more omega 3 fatty acids in just one 4 ounce serving of salmon than you would get in several days of trying to eat other healthy foods containing some omega 3s.

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New Grilling Accessories for the Grill Master

A few items that are worth having if you love to grill.

The first thing is a good pair of leather gloves. These will protect your hands from getting burnt while grilling.

The Kingsford leather pair of gloves is a great set for the person just grilling steak or making an entire meal on the grill.

The next thing that I love is the Outset Jalapeno Roaster. This roaster is a fun addition to any grill. If you like stuffed peppers this roaster is a must.

Of course a person that loves to grill loves to grill burgers. To make the perfect burger make sure to pick up the Progressive Perfect Burger Press. Just as the name states it makes your perfect burger. Never have uneven sized burgers again.